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Potential Impact of Upcoming 2020 BTC Halving on Price of Bitcoin

For anyone who keeps a keen interest in cryptocurrencies very well knows how important Bitcoin halving is for the investors as well as the crypto community as a whole. The two prominent rules that govern the entire Bitcoin network are:

  • Firstly, the supply of Bitcoin is finite and limited to 21 Million.
  • Secondly, the number of bitcoins generated per block or the miners’ reward is bound to decrease by 50% after every 210,000 blocks.

Designed by Bitcoin curator, Satoshi Nakamoto, halving is a significant process in which, after a span of every four years, the reward given to Bitcoin miners for adding a new block to the Bitcoin blockchain is reduced to half. In simple words, halving implies that if a miner is receiving ten bitcoins for solving the complex mathematical operation on a particular Bitcoin block, then after the halving event, he/she will get only 5 Bitcoins until the next halving.

#Bitcoin is halving in May! 🖖 This guide explains the “halving” concept, and what could happen with BTC price after it takes place! 📈#cryptotwitter #BTC

— CoinMarketCap (@CoinMarketCap) March 20, 2020

On an average basis, six blocks are processed within an hour by the miners and halving takes place after every 210,000 blocks, thus after every four years, the reward gets slashed to half. The cryptocurrency miners earn new coins as a reward for mining a block and this is how new Bitcoins are added to the network. The process helps to keep control of the price inflation of the world’s first virtual currency, Bitcoin. If the virtual coins are generated at a fast rate, or there is no limit to the number of bitcoins that can be created or rewarded or added to the network, then the blockchain will be flooded with Bitcoins having no significant value making the assets worthless.

The last Bitcoin halving took place in 2016, while the first one occurred in 2013. The next halving is scheduled to happen in the present year, i.e., 2020. As per the reports, the event is likely to occur in mid-May, leaving some significant impacts on the Bitcoin community and overall marketspace. Interestingly, as per speculations, if the new halving will have similar repercussions as the 2016 event, keeping aside the drastic changes between the conditions of the 2016 and 2020 industry, then the Bitcoin price will enjoy a surge.

Crypto enthusiasts will be exposed to a period of market volatility. Where earlier, the miners used to get 50 BTC as rewards, presently, they receive 12.5 BTC, which is now likely to get reduced to 6.25 BTC after the 2020 halving event. The yearly inflation rate for the coin will reduce to 1.8%. This implies that Bitcoin will become even more scarce after the next 2020 halving. Also, the miners will be able to generate a total of 900 new Bitcoins on a daily basis in comparison to the 1,800 Bitcoins generated per day presently. At the 2020 BTC halving the total Bitcoin supply will be 18,375,000. However, nearly 25% Bitcoins have already been lost and so the actual number of Bitcoins that shall be available would be around 13,700,000.

Bitcoin mining is a complex process that makes miners solve complex algorithms to add new coins to the network. Mining requires costly hardware equipment, heavy energy requirement, and speedy bandwidth connection, which eventually involves a huge investment on the miners’ side. Now, after the upcoming halving event, the reward value will reduce drastically, which is likely to force some miners to move out of the market.

It is assumed that investors prefer to buy assets prior to an important event and so it is opined that after the upcoming halving, the price of Bitcoin will go up. Also, as the number of Bitcoins generated per day will fall steeply, the demand for the asset will rise, causing a surge in price.

If you want to take the benefit of the price increase in the value of Bitcoin, then you can go for the Bitcoin rush review 2020. The platform is a popular automated crypto trading software that allows its customers to earn lucrative profits by making strategically framed investments. It works amazingly well for both beginners as well as experienced traders and boasts of a high success rate.

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