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As Coronavirus Cases Surge, Italian Bank Permits Buying and Selling Bitcoin

Coronavirus has claimed 7503 lives so far in Italy and the pandemic has affected 74,386 people all across the country. Amid such a crucial time, a renowned Italian bank Banco Sella has permitted its customers to make sale and purchase of top cryptocurrency.

Coronavirus unleashes its terror in Italy:

The news has surfaced as the novel virus COVID-19 has affected scores of people in the country and there seems to be no apparent respite in sight. Every day the virus is claiming over 600 to 700 lives in the country.

The latest development has become feasible via a platform, namely Hype, that was created by Sellalab.

According to reports, approximately 1.2 million Italian residents can access Bitcoin to purchase and sell with the bank as an intermediary through Hype. It is worth noting that users’ wallets have been linked to Hype already. The users have also got complete control over their Bitcoin wallets.

Banca Sella has accomplished a great status for modernization when it comes to banking in Italy. It will offer users an advanced method of purchasing and selling instead of using cash. Users will not only be able to purchase Bitcoin but can also utilize it to make payment for goods and services wherever these payments are acceptable.  At a time of social distancing, the contactless payments will help in preventing the rise of corona cases.

Italian customers can purchase Bitcoin from their respective bank:

At this catastrophic period, the trading of Bitcoin and its use for making payments did not suffer any restriction, as reflected by reports that many Italians have been using Hype. As cash has become unsafe, cryptocurrencies have emerged as the ideal mode of exchange. Experts pointed out that soon Bitcoin may become the world’s currency as fiat money continues to shed value as a result of inflation.

Italian customers will be eligible to purchase Bitcoin from their bank. It is worth noting that Banca Sella will permit their customers to purchase, sell, and store Bitcoin sans interacting with exchanges.

Coronavirus outbreak has necessitated quarantine steps to stop its further spread and digitally restructure the Italian financial system. Additionally, Banca Sella has also permitted its clients to make optimum use of cryptocurrencies along with Euro for myriad financial operations.

Reports also suggest that Hype is also coordinating with Conio, a leading crypto firm that offers custodial services to holders who own crypto.

A rise in clients:

As Banca Sella has tied up with Hype, it implies a significant increase in its client base at the cost of those who have been working with Hype already. It also means that they may provide several classic banking products at a later stage.  There is a close link between cryptospehere and regular banks as a result of surging demand among Italians for digital methods of settlement.

Hype also permits its users to send Bitcoin to the available contacts in the address book. Smartphone users can now send Bitcoin in a hassle-free manner without spending much money.

The Bitcoin trader has emerged quite reliable and lets you know the right time to buy and sell Bitcoin. If you desire any information, refer to the Bitcoin trader review.

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